[elinks-dev] Re: elinks cache control (was no subject)

Stephen Stocker lpar at par1.net
Tue Mar 21 18:13:09 PST 2006

I turned off document.cache.ignore_cache_control, and Yahoo's groups
page is behaving normally. Strangely, ELinks still shows the document as
being cached, but it isn't. Some days I'm not too bright. :) Thanks

	Take care,

>  witekfl at poczta.onet.pl wrote:
>>On Mon, Feb 06, 2006 at 02:53:48PM -0600, Stephen Stocker wrote:
>>>   Oops, I sent this without a subject. :(
>>>   On Fri Oct 28 13:17:51 MDT 2005 adair at gotadsl.co.uk wrote:
>>> > Is anyone else having problems with Cache-Control: no-cache ?
>>> > I can't seem to get it to work correctly. I've found the fiendish
>>> >
>>>   Yes. <F10> "c" (flush all caches) has been broken since my October 28,
>>> 2005 CVS update. This was probably actually a somewhat earlier version, as I
>>> wasn't aware of the change to GIT.
>>>   Anyway, I'm still using that version (probably the last thing in Elinks
>>> CVS), as anything newer has been virtually unusable on several sites,
>>> notably Yahoo groups.
>>Try this patch (in attachment).
>>I guess the problem is in get_validated_cache_entry.
>>When the cached is in use always the cached is returned.
>>I'm not sure if the patch is correct.
>>Witold Filipczyk
>  Hi,
>  I think this was already committed to unstable before I saw this.
>  I'm still getting the same results when trying to clear unused caches,
>  but I can work around it. Aside from some incorrect refresh coding on
>  some sites, it doesn't matter anyway. Speaking of which, I'll test
>  this further on a few of the URLs which required a manual refresh
>  previously.
>  Thanks. :)
>  Take care,
>  Steve

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