[elinks-dev] Feature Requests

Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters mdm0304 at ecu.edu
Mon Jun 19 21:57:44 PDT 2006

On Tue, Jun 20, 2006 at 09:44:20AM +0530, Ligesh wrote:
>  Hi Folks,
>   Great program, and I would like to thank everyone for writing it. Anyway, I have a few feature requests sort of.  First, elinks doesnt seem to support 'delete-word' or 'delete-line' keybindings inside an editor. I am an excessive shell person, and would really love to see this one.

I've thought about adding more bindings, but I'm not sure how much work
it would be in the end to make the built-in text editor usable. However,
have you tried the external editor support? While editing a text field,
press ctrl-t to launch your preferred editor (configurable under
Setup -> Options manager -> Document -> Browsing -> Forms -> External editor
or by setting $EDITOR). The sad part is that this doesn't work if you
run multiple ELinks processes--only the first (the 'master terminal')
will be able to run an external editor.

>                                                                                                                        Second, I was not able change the colour of the 'selected-link'. The selected link--and also the forms--appear in 'reverse-video', which is a bit hurting to the eye. I tried all sorts of tricks, incluing changing the reverse property of the xterm/screen, but didn't work out. So I would like to know if it is possible to add this.

The colour settings for the active link are not with the other colours
settings under Setup -> Options manager -> Document -> Default color
settings; for some reason, they are under Document -> Browsing -> Links
-> Active link.

>   Third, and a bit large request: It is for a proper 2dimensional motion strategy. What should happen is this: The left and the right arrows naturally takes you across a particular line.  The up/down arrows are a bit more complex. up/down arrows will move up/down till it encounters a line that contains a link. That is, it will skip a line, if it doesn't contain a url, but will stop at a line if there is a link somewhere in that particular line. Please note the up/down will NEVER move across. It moves STRAIGHT UP till it reaches a line containing a link, and then stays there. You have to then use the left/right arrow keys to reach the actual destination.  Of all the browsing mechanisms, I have found the above to be the most efficient. I am currently using emacs-w3m as my browser, and it allows me configure EVERYTHING--since you can rewrite the elisp code of the browser itself. But it is a bit slow, and does not render while downloading. But the primary issue is speed itself, since emacs is a bit cludgy stuff altogether.

Go to Setup -> Keybinding manager and bind some keys
to move-cursor-left, -down, -up, and -right. Is that what you wanted?

>   I would really love to switch to elinks, but since I will go insane without the above 3 features, currently it entails a bit of risk :-). So I would like to know if it is possible to add the above features. I am not really a curses person, and if someone could guide me, maybe I can do it myself too. If I add the above features, will it be accepted into the main code base? The last thing I need is to maintain my own version.  Anyway, I apologize for my meandering mail. I am a bit fussy when it comes to the software I use. I am quite impressed by elinks, and I think it is trivially the best browser available now.

ELinks is pretty accepting of patches (sometimes too accepting), but
before we get into that, are there any desires that my answers above
didn't fulfill?

>   Thanks a lot in advance.

You're welcome,

Miciah Masters <miciah at myrealbox.com> / <mdm0304 at ecu.edu>

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