[elinks-dev] Re: Feature Requests

Ligesh myself at ligesh.com
Mon Jun 19 23:22:35 PDT 2006

On Tue, Jun 20, 2006 at 06:03:21AM +0000, Miciah Dashiel Butler Masters wrote:
> > So I am talking about simple editing, for instance, in the input URL box. The general editing for simple data everywhere; filling in forms etc.
> I'll see about adding a few actions tomorrow.

 I am sure you know it, but the code is in the inpfield.c file. There is a switch case, and you need to add one a case ACT_EDIT_KILL_WORD above the ACT_EDIT_KILL_TO_BOL.

> There is an elinks.conf in the contrib/ directory. However, to make sure
> that you have the latest set of options, I recommend that you simply set
> config.saving_style = 2 and resave.

Yup, I will do that. It would great to see all the options in  searchable format.

> > > Go to Setup -> Keybinding manager and bind some keys
> > > to move-cursor-left, -down, -up, and -right. Is that what you wanted?
> > 
> >  So the cursor has moved STRAIGHT UP. It skipped line 3 because it did not contain a link. It went to line 2, but it did not directly move to the link, but it is STRAIGHT UP from its old position. Now you have to use <right> arrow to move it to the actual link.
> Would you be happy with the move-link-left, -down, -up, and -right
> actions? If not, it shouldn't be _too_ hard to program what you want,
> but I'm not sure we need _another_ set of move-... actions...

 Yeah, I understand. the left/right keys are actually ok. The only thing is the up/right arrow keys. They shouldn't actually move right or left. They should only go straight up or down. I think that's the ONLY difference.  The best feature in elinks is its two dimensional rendering. And different types of 2d navigation would actually add a lot of value. :-).  The current up/down movement is sort of hapazard. You can't simply plan in advance how to reach a particular location, since you can't see all the links. If it moved straight up and down, it would be very easy. You can just keep moving, till it reaches the line containing the LINK. It should SKIP the lines not containing any links though.

 The function seems to be in view.c, move_link_dir. getting from move_link_down, which seems to be a macro. In fact, there seems to be 'FIXME' there with a message "Doesn't preserve column". IN fact, this is the exact feature I am looking for. The up/down should PRESERVE the column position.

 Thanks a lot.

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