[elinks-dev] Feature Requests

Ligesh myself at ligesh.com
Mon Jun 19 21:14:20 PDT 2006

 Hi Folks,

  Great program, and I would like to thank everyone for writing it. Anyway, I have a few feature requests sort of.  First, elinks doesnt seem to support 'delete-word' or 'delete-line' keybindings inside an editor. I am an excessive shell person, and would really love to see this one. Second, I was not able change the colour of the 'selected-link'. The selected link--and also the forms--appear in 'reverse-video', which is a bit hurting to the eye. I tried all sorts of tricks, incluing changing the reverse property of the xterm/screen, but didn't work out. So I would like to know if it is possible to add this.

  Third, and a bit large request: It is for a proper 2dimensional motion strategy. What should happen is this: The left and the right arrows naturally takes you across a particular line.  The up/down arrows are a bit more complex. up/down arrows will move up/down till it encounters a line that contains a link. That is, it will skip a line, if it doesn't contain a url, but will stop at a line if there is a link somewhere in that particular line. Please note the up/down will NEVER move across. It moves STRAIGHT UP till it reaches a line containing a link, and then stays there. You have to then use the left/right arrow keys to reach the actual destination.  Of all the browsing mechanisms, I have found the above to be the most efficient. I am currently using emacs-w3m as my browser, and it allows me configure EVERYTHING--since you can rewrite the elisp code of the browser itself. But it is a bit slow, and does not render while downloading. But the primary issue is speed itself, since emacs is a bit cludgy stuff altogether.
  I would really love to switch to elinks, but since I will go insane without the above 3 features, currently it entails a bit of risk :-). So I would like to know if it is possible to add the above features. I am not really a curses person, and if someone could guide me, maybe I can do it myself too. If I add the above features, will it be accepted into the main code base? The last thing I need is to maintain my own version.  Anyway, I apologize for my meandering mail. I am a bit fussy when it comes to the software I use. I am quite impressed by elinks, and I think it is trivially the best browser available now.

  Thanks a lot in advance.

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