[elinks-dev] Perl usage for out of browser navigation

Don Fanning don at 00100100.net
Thu Oct 20 04:07:57 PDT 2005

I am writing a script that scrapes certain webpage information.
Currently I have it working in WWW::MozEmbed but I would like to convert
it to elinks.  The problem I'm having is that there seems to be a lack
of documentation pertaining to controling elinks outside the browser
interface.  For instance, I would like a perl script to spawn the
browser (unfortunately piping to a text file doesn't work so it has to
be interactive) then what happens is that the remote page is written
with a HTTP-refresh which elinks does beautifully.  Afterwards, the new
page comes up and I'll scrape the results. (URL and text within the

How would I go about writing this up?  I've spent all day/night reading
the docs and examples within contrib/ but most of it deals with
reformating url's and scripting within the browser and less of what's
outside the browser.  How would I call elinks to run a script?

Thanks in advance.

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