[blfs-support] Problems with libinput in Xorg

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 08:43:34 PST 2018

Ken Moffat wrote:
> For a long time after libinput was added to the book, I treated it
> as a build dependency if I built kde (it's recommended for Plasma,
> my script suggests that at one time it was required).
> But it seemed to be stable and "the way forward" so for my most
> recent builds I've been using it as the keyboard driver, instead of
> evdev (and presumably, installing it makes it the mouse driver).
> On my Kaveri, it seemed to work - but eventually I had problems with
> what is best described as a "mouse storm" - if I moved the mouse
> away from the current window (and the visibility/response of the
> mouse often seemed slow) I got a lot of spurious clicks and pastes on
> the window I had moved to.  I guessed that might be from using an old
> (twin PS/2 sockets) 'puter.
> For the last few days I've been using my Haswell - keyboard and
> mouse seemed ok, but a few minutes ago I tried to suspend to RAM
> from the keyboard.  To do that I use xbindkeys with an entry in
> ~/.xbindkeysrc - keying the designated key did nothing.  Using xev
> showed no action on that key - but that might not be conclusive when
> using libinput.  Coming out of X, changing the Xorg keyboard file to
> again use the evdev driver, and going back into X I again have
> suspend working from the keyboard.
> Maybe libinput works fine in Wayland, but for old-style Xorg it
> seems to me to be more trouble than it is worth, so I've reverted my
> buildscript change where I started to use it.
> If I ever try building kde again, I'll look at seeing what happens if
> I don't install libinput.

I sorta think that the issue might be the motherboard, not the cpu, but I 
guess you are just referring to the system by the cpu model.

I've been using libinput for quite a while with no issues, but generally 
keep my systems up all the time and to not suspend/hibernate.  I've seen 
no problems.  For my laptop, I do not try to suspend/hibernate either, but 
I suppose I can try that.

In any case, you might want to report the issue upstream.

   -- Bruce

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