[blfs-support] startx failes to work

Rob captinlogic at gmail.com
Sat Sep 24 16:25:30 PDT 2016

Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at gmail.com> wrote:
Are the service files really that much easier?  Look at the LFS scripts. 
A typical file is a simple bash script about a page long.  Half of that is 
comments.  Admins are used to reading bash scripts.  Reading these are 
comfortable and easy to understand.   Do you understand what systemd is 
doing with their short service files?

And if it does not do the "right thing", which do you think is easier to fix?

We have a command
systemctl status <target>
which will tell you exactly why a service failed to run. At least
most of the time.
If you're not a scripter, you can still write service files
because they are basically in the style of ini files from windows.
They are a little more forgiving than shell scripts in that sense.
systemctl enable whatever
will plug in the service to start at boot; and it's a heck of
a lot easier than creating a bunch of symbolic links in
by hand.
Debian has a tool
which will do this (if you have all your numbers correct in the script
anyway) but it still has to do a lot of work.
I also like the journaling system. You can filter out
various items with command line switches passed to
and it's much faster than combing through
to find information.
In short, while systemd does make things a lot more convoluted,
it does have its good points, and, while I'm not completely
happy with it, I'm satisfied enough with it to keep going.

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