[blfs-support] WebKitGTK+2.12.4 unneeded sed?

Chris Staub chris at beaker67.com
Sat Sep 17 00:38:53 PDT 2016

On 09/17/2016 02:54 AM, Craig Jackson wrote:
> I understand a catchall, but it actually errors out as written in the
> book since the commands are chained with &&, and without instructions on
> the nuances of including the sed (or not), or skipping that command.
> Just want to make sure since this doesn't seem like the behavior you
> would want.
> My initial thought was some dependency missed, but it actually does find
> those files, it just doesn't find the expression so errors out non-zero.

Just an FYI - the command in the book works fine for me, without giving 
any errors. Perhaps there's a problem with however you're copying the 
command - are you copying-and-pasting it from a pdf of the book?

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