[blfs-support] Glib-2.48.2 tests hang

Hazel Russman hazeldebian at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 8 23:59:58 PDT 2016

On Thu, 08 Sep 2016 13:33:21 +0100
lfs65 at cruziero.com (akhiezer) wrote:

> > From: Hazel Russman <hazeldebian at googlemail.com>
> > Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2016 11:28:52 +0100
> > Subject: Re: [blfs-support] Glib-2.48.2 tests hang
> >  
> 	.
> 	.
> > I'm working in chroot because I want to be able to copy and paste from
> > the book, which for some reason stopped working in text-based Links
> > a couple of years ago. I know from earlier posts that other people do
> > this too in the early stages of BLFS. Perhaps a warning note might be
> > useful here.
> >  
> links:
> * copy: hold down shift key while highlighting.
> * paste: hold down shift key while middle-click (or whatever mouse btn 
>   you've got 'paste' mapped to).
> hth,
> akh
Thanks, akh. That's a life-saver. I was using it all yesterday evening. btw you don't need to use the shift key when pasting into a console, just middle-click. It was the copy operation that stymied me. 

Just for the record, I installed shared-mime-info and then ran the glib tests again. This made the paired errors on "contenttype" and "appinfo" disappear. Only a pair of errors on the "regexp" test were left. These are test errors, not failures, so I regard them as the developer's problem and not mine.

Ed Batalha suggested using lynx rather than links. I assume
he meant that it's easier to copy from. But if you're used to using links, lynx is completely impossible. It's too similar without being the same. I did once attempt to use it and it nearly drove me crazy.


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