[blfs-support] I'm curious

Mikel Rychliski mikel at mikelr.com
Mon Feb 15 07:52:59 PST 2016

On Sun, 14 Feb 2016 11:12:14 -0800
Paul Rogers <paulgrogers at fastmail.fm> wrote:
> So, seriously, when is that done?  I suppose sharing a /usr branch,
> but I can't imagine wanting to do that over a network, ala NFS, so
> it'd have to be all on the same system.  Containers?  (I don't *do*
> very esoteric configurations.)

I don't think it's very commonly used anymore. In most
distributions initramfs is used instead for the early userspace or as
backup when the main root partition won't boot.

When I create ISOs to install LFS on new machines, I usually create a
small bootable disk using the 'root partition' only (I don't copy over
the /usr directory). I boot up in this minimal environment to copy
over tarballs of the complete system and extract them on the local disk.

This isn't really necessary though, I just do it to save the extra few
minutes of copying the complete GCC installation, when all I really
need is a bootable system and tar/ftp.

Some ncurses programs like 'top' complain loudly that they can't access
the terminfo files. 'cfdisk' won't run at all because it can't find
the /usr/share/terminfo directory.

I still think it's valuable from a learning perspective though. It's
neat to see that the whole system will come up with the few hundred
files in '/', as opposed to the thousands in '/usr'

> But even then, wouldn't it be better to use "./configure --prefix=/"
> so everything stays where pcre-config knows it was put?

This will install the headers at /include (which won't get picked up by
other programs). Same with the manpages at /share/man.

--prefix=/usr --libpath=/lib is a little better. But it still installs
the pkgconfig files at /lib/pkgconfig, which won't get picked up by
other programs (unless added to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH).

Even though pcre-config doesn't know the true locations of the files,
the '/usr/lib/libpcre.so -> ../../lib/libpcre.so.1.2.6' symlink keeps
everything working.

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