[blfs-support] xfce4 and desktopmanagers like lxdm

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 06:35:12 PST 2016

Armin Beier wrote:
> Hi Bruce,
> thanks for your answer. The debug procedure described has already been
> done be by before (I only didn't mention). This is what drives me
> crazy: lxdm starts xfce4 by a script Xsession lying in /etc/lxdm. The
> last line there is an exec of startxfce4 - thus nearly the same as the
> procedure done by me when executing startxfce from console-shell. The
> only difference - as far as I know: exec only replaces the binary and
> not the environment. Thus I put a command "env >
> /home/armin/environment" right before the exec in the script. Result:
> great -> at this point of script I have exactely the same environment
> as in "normal" console shell - especially the LANG and LANGUAGE are set
> as needed. But xfce4 seems to start in another way. Weird, isn't it?

Please don't top post on this list.

It's hard for me to help further since I don't use i18n.  It does sound 
like something is changing the environment, but I can't tell where.  Sorry 
I can't help more.

   -- Bruce

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