[blfs-support] xfce4 and desktopmanagers like lxdm

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Betreff: [blfs-support] xfce4 and desktopmanagers like lxdm

Hi blfs-community,
having successfully created a 7.10-system (systemd), I encountered some problems conerning the graphical desktop: I use xfce4 which was built without problems and as a login-manager I built lxdm – also without any problem. Both software packages run very fine for themselves, but the connection between them produces trouble.
When I start xfce4 via startxfce4, everything is fine, I get a german environment (as requested in /etc/profile with LANG- and LANGUAGE-variable), the desktop-symbols oft he devices like Trash also work fine (gvfs installed). When I try to login via lxdm, all applications are run with english localization – with the exception of applications started from within an opened xfce4-terminal, where the localization is german again. The Trash can’t be opened as it seems to be not existing.
Some more information: lxdm is started via systemd-service (the service-file copied and enabled from the package by hand), pam-config was changed in all directions, even using pam_env package to read the default language-config-file /etc/locale.conf once again. Even a change to the sddm-manager produced the same behaviour.
This brings me to the conclusion that there must be some problem in the start procedure of xfce4 when started via dm. User-clash? Environment-clash?
Does anybody make the same experience or have some advice how to solve the problem?
Internet forums have been checked extensively, but no more information was found so far.
Thanx to all in advance.
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Hello Armin,
I use the Cinnamon desktop which is not a part of BLFS and launch it with LXDM. 
I use system V init and I do not use the display manager of Cinnamon (mdm). I do not see l10n problems you describe.

I hate the login/not-login shell logic of bash, which in connection with root/unprivileged user creates four different shell environments. So I use what has been outlined in BLFS: a /etc/profile.d directory with many files. I broke the /etc/profile to pieces and have a  i18n.sh  file which simply states

# Set up i18n (Internatiolization) variables
export LANG=de_DE.utf8

That is sourced by everybody from everywhere and it just works.
I know that it is a problem to launch a desktop where the things that are started are X, a display manager, polkit, pam, dbus, consolekit and a session, among others. I had to launch the system demon of dbus because ConsoleKit2 did not launch, whatever the connection might be.

It is no good idea to install more than one desktop because some display managers launch every session available and there is only one directory for autostart, which in turn collects all *.desktop files. 

You may want to type  env  at your terminal to list your environmet variables and  ps -ef  to list the threads running. We will get this to work. 


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