[blfs-support] gdm or gnome-session crashed.

草民先生 quhuabo at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 19:34:42 PDT 2015

>> On 31.3.2015 5:23, 草民先生 wrote:
>> Mar 31 10:58:51 blfs-76 gnome-session[327]: (gnome-shell:396):
>> Gjs-WARNING **: JS ERROR: Error: Requiring TelepathyLogger, version 0.2:
>> Typelib file for namespace 'TelepathyLogger', version '0.2' not found

> There's your problem. You didn't install telepathy-logger.

Oh, Great , gnome desktop entered!!!

I did look this 'TelepathyLogger' line , but I didn't find this package in
BLFS Page before, I thought there is no this package in BLFS. On youre
advise, I search the BLFS document again and find iit, then Install, then
reboot , then desktop appear. very great, haha.

Thank you Armin K very much.

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