[blfs-support] oddities in qemu run from xfce with BLFS-svn

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Sun Mar 29 20:25:27 PDT 2015

I've been building LFS-svn and BLFS-svn from last week.  That all
went ok, but I decided to change my scripts to get a more reliable
indication that a package failed (one of my upgrades to
openssl-1.0.2a failed and I had not noticed).  That change seems to
be working well, but to test the changed scripts (lots of '&&'
removed from the driver scripts, occasional other removals of status
tests in favour of my new function which also reports how long the
script ran) I've been using qemu on top of xfce-4.12.

Without Xorg in the guest, several times the system booted but gave
me a smaller tty window instead of the expected 1024x768, and
usually I was not able to login - on one occasion I had to hit
<enter> to move through each of the bootscripts.  On other occasions
the guest booted fine.

Then I built Xorg and some desktop packages.  Running from within
xfce, my .xinitrc xrandr command to resize the screen to 1280x800
was ineffective, qemu took the whole available screen (this is a
1680x900 monitor) and xrandr thought it was in a 1280x960 mode, I
think.  On one occasion, leaving X dropped me to a tty which still
took the whole available screen (i.e. everything except the panel),
on another occasion I went back to  the expected 1024x768.

Finished my build for the day, shut down qemu, shutdown Xorg with
xfce, went back to icewm (in this .xinitrc I test $2, if present,
for --wm=).  To my immense surprise, I have now booted qemu twice
from icewm without problems, and got the expected 1280x800 Xorg

For the moment, this is just anecdotal - something somewhere is
having unexpected consequences.  Actually, I don't think I've ever
tried to run qemu from within xfce until this weekend, maybe it has
always been odd.  Change is fun, isn't it ?  I have no plans to
investigate this at the moment (no real idea _where_ the problem
is), this is just a preliminary marker in case other people start to
see the problem, and a reminder to test *everything* when packages

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