[blfs-support] Relationship between Firefox & xulrunner

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Tue Mar 10 15:14:38 PDT 2015

>  A couple of comments:

Thanks, Ken.  You've given me confidence.

> If your mozconfig for firefox-on-xul is set up correctly, that firefox
> should be a quick build (but xulrunner might be a little longer, and
> bigger, than standalone firefox).  But over the years, ISTR some
> people had problems, and ended up building a full firefox.

Not surprized, though I always build the monolith.  I don't believe
Thunderbird ever kept up with Firefox.  I just like to have clean,
simple, systems.

> 2. The pkgconfig files for nss and nspr are present if you build them
>    following the BLFS instructions.  Check the 7.7 book for 4.10.8 and
>    3.17.4 (and also re updating the cacerts).

Timewise: NSPR/NSS BLFS-7.2 < Firefox-31.4 < BLFS-7.6 (FF-35).
Maybe if I could find a SVN BLFS version with that era Firefox, I'd
get instructions for what I'm trying.  But how hard can it be?
<cough, cough>

mozilla-31esr/xulrunner has NSPR/NSS.pc.in files.  I think my first go
will be to change the application to xulrunner and run configure only.
That should, AIUI, prep them to .pc files with proper substitutions.
Then I'll add those to my Firefox build scripts and binaries.  [One
reason for keeping this package manager is it has no concept of telling
me, "You can't do that!"  I can tell it a pretend story and it will
believe me. ;-) ]  Then I'll try to build IcedTea-Web from 7.6, as much
as possible.  (I think jre is one of those things to keep up to date as
much as possible these days.  It's an attractive target.)  Should have
time tonight.

OK, so this won't quite be a "clean and simple" system.  They never
quite are, as much as I'd like.
Paul Rogers
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