[blfs-support] Relationship between Firefox & xulrunner

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Tue Mar 10 11:10:03 PDT 2015

On Tue, Mar 10, 2015 at 12:08:52AM -0700, Paul Rogers wrote:
> I'm not quite sure how all the pieces are going to fit together to get
> IcedTea-Web.  In the BLFS-7.2 book it says it needs xulrunner.  Firefox-
> 31.4, without system versions of NSPR/NSS (I tried a couple times to
> figure out what it wanted for those PREFIX parameters, then finally
> said, "Go use your own, then"), built NSPR-4.10.6 & NSS-, but
> there are no pkgconfig files for them.  Snooping through its source
> directory there are some for the internal xulrunner.  I suppose I
> could run the source with --enable-application=xulrunner, rather than
> running the separate xulrunner-16.1 source, and get one version
> compatible with my Firefox, AND the .pc files for NSPR/NSS as well as
> xulrunner.  So how much of the code is duplicated?  And if I used
> that source to build xulrunner first and firefox second, would I end
> up with less duplicaton?  Or do I end up in essentially the same
> place, with just compilation time split between the two of them?

 A couple of comments:

1. xulrunner was posited as a way to build multiple mozilla
applications (firefox, thunderbird, ...).  That never worked, they
all needed incompatible versions.  What it offered was libraries and
headers.  In the old days (maybe gnome-2.32, or maybe a much earlier
version of gnome-2) epiphany (the gnome browser) was built on gecko
and needed xulrunner.  For firefox on xulrunner, most of the time is
spent building xulruner.

If your mozconfig for firefox-on-xul is set up correctly, that
firefox should be a quick build (but xulrunner might be a little
longer, and bigger, than standalone firefox).  But over the years,
ISTR some people had problems, and ended up building a full firefox.

But really, too much has changed in the last 2½ years - the 7.7 book
is reliable for current versions.  We no longer reference xulrunner,
and memories are failing.

2. The pkgconfig files for nss and nspr are present if you build
them following the BLFS instructions.  Check the 7.7 book for 4.10.8
and 3.17.4 (and also re updating the cacerts).

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