[blfs-support] Relationship between Firefox & xulrunner

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Tue Mar 10 00:08:52 PDT 2015

I'm not quite sure how all the pieces are going to fit together to get
IcedTea-Web.  In the BLFS-7.2 book it says it needs xulrunner.  Firefox-
31.4, without system versions of NSPR/NSS (I tried a couple times to
figure out what it wanted for those PREFIX parameters, then finally
said, "Go use your own, then"), built NSPR-4.10.6 & NSS-, but
there are no pkgconfig files for them.  Snooping through its source
directory there are some for the internal xulrunner.  I suppose I
could run the source with --enable-application=xulrunner, rather than
running the separate xulrunner-16.1 source, and get one version
compatible with my Firefox, AND the .pc files for NSPR/NSS as well as
xulrunner.  So how much of the code is duplicated?  And if I used
that source to build xulrunner first and firefox second, would I end
up with less duplicaton?  Or do I end up in essentially the same
place, with just compilation time split between the two of them?
Paul Rogers
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