[blfs-support] IcedTea-Web

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Sat Mar 7 17:35:07 PST 2015

I'm trying to figure out a path.  I know it would be really good to make
the latest version from BLFS-7.6, but it doesn't seem my mostly 7.2 has
quite the right versions of a lot of the support packages, e.g. Cairo-
1.12.6 instead of 1.12.16, etc.  Another thing is I didn't install
system versions of xulrunner, nss/nspr.  But I did install Firefox-31.4
with its internal versions.  Does this give me enough support to install
the IcedTea-Web from 7.2?  Would it stretch to the 7.6 versions?
Paul Rogers
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