[blfs-support] Are BLFS and CLFS compatible?

Nathan Coulson conathan at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 10:07:16 PDT 2015

On 12 July 2015 at 08:01, Hazel Russman <hazeldebian at googlemail.com> wrote:
> I have recently bought a second-hand laptop and would like to build
> a CLFS for it. I have done several LFS builds but this would be my
> first time with CLFS. If I succeed, can I upgrade to a working Linux
> system by using packages from BLFS? I am aware that CLFS is very much
> behind LFS/BLFS in terms of the software that it uses. Would the BLFS
> packages build correctly with this tool chain and would they link
> correctly to the older libc?
> Or would it be better to use the built CLFS purely to bootstrap LFS-7.7 and continue from there?
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There is no compatibility between the projects.  Off the top of my
head the first problem you will run into is lfs installs everything
into /lib, /usr/lib and symlinks lib64 to those folders while clfs
uses /lib for 32bit and /lib64 for 64bit.  At best, all your  blfs
64bit software will be installed into /lib and at worst you will be
overwriting 32bit libraries with 64bit counterpart.

If you use clfs, you will want to use cblfs.

(I personally have not looked at clfs for a long time, but I modified
my own lfs build using a few changes from clfs a few years back.
Specifically I don't have a lib64, 32bit software installs itself into
/lib/i386-linux-gnu (not actually clfs, but I like having a single lib
folder), and 64bit software into /lib.  Allows blfs to work as
intended (since it installs into lib),  while still allowing myself to
compile 32bit software.  But it is at it's core lfs, not clfs)

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