[blfs-support] Trouble creating users

Niels Terp nielsterp at comhem.se
Thu Jul 9 05:48:07 PDT 2015

Are you doing something funny around package management? Usually when SUID bits aren't set correctly after installation, it's either permissions during installation, or something is copying the binaries after the permissions were set, losing them in the process.


Yes, you could say that. I'm building all my packages as RPM's, the script was first created by Baho Utot, and it works very well. I am aware that some files need to have certain properties set in a particular way, that is not a problem in RPM, as long as you know about it and pay attention to it.

Perhaps you could help me with a list of those files ? Specifically in KDE, I know that 'kdm' need to have SUID bit set. Any other files in KDE ?

What really is a problem that I have never before had any problems in basic LFS - i.e. 'su' and 'sudo' has allways worked properly. Right now I am doing a new run of the whole script - from nothing to KDE. This process takes something like 48 hours, it will finish in an hour or so, then I will see if it works now.



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