[blfs-support] LibreOffice-3.6 for 7.2

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Wed Jul 1 23:22:19 PDT 2015

>> expected junit.jar, match that against the snapshot, and try a
>> symlink if they match.  But CentOS doesn't have the file either.  So
>> I built without junit, and am still uncertain about the consequences
>> of doing that.
> Isn't JUnit used only as a testing framework? That was always my
> understanding. I recall that it wasn't used for anything in a
> production environment.

So I believe, but then why would it have been a configuration option if
it wasn't needed in some way?  Perhaps to test java within LO?  Perhaps
to test any java applets or plugins?  It's just not clear from the

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