[blfs-support] Gutenprint -- Problem with cups restart

Alan Feuerbacher alanf00 at comcast.net
Mon Sep 29 19:49:45 PDT 2014


I've successfully installed Gutenprint via the BLFS book systemd 
instructions. The last thing it has you do is restart cups:

"/etc/rc.d/init.d/cups restart"

But this file does not exist.

I can find no place in the BLFS book where it's created, so I assume it 
must be created somewhere else.

I thought that rebooting would accomplish the same thing, but I don't 
know if there are unwanted side effects. Rebooting seems to have got 
things working properly, since I can now do what the BLFS book says:

"Then point your web browser to http://localhost:631/ to add a new 
printer to CUPS."

Then I went through the printer installation routine; it found one 
printer on my home wireless network and installed it.

Next I tried to print a test file: "lpr testfile" and "lp testfile". I 
got responses like this:

"lpr: Error - no default destination available."

I'm probably missing something simple, but I can't find my problem. 
Unfortunately I have almost no knowledge of system administration type 
stuff on linux.

Any help would be appreciated. This is the first time I've gotten this 
far in playing with LFS, so I'm breaking new ground here. :-)


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