[blfs-support] question concerning working with links - works like a charm

Olaf Grüttner olaf.gruettner at web.de
Tue Sep 9 09:24:56 PDT 2014

> 'ln -s ...' as it's (presumably) a link across different filesystems.
> *BUT*, careful: email-processing (esp. the last stages of delivery) programs
> often tend to like being able to use/manipulate hard-links to effect things
> like moving messages; and can choke on such soft-links cross-filesystems.
> Are you having mails delivered automatically to .INBOX.backup ? If so,
> then you need to check the docs - & test - for what method(s) you're using.
> If instead you only ever move them to/from .INBOX.backup manually via
> an email client or via shell, or move via (automated - e.g. cron-job)
> shell-script, then you should be (more-)ok: but again, test.

Thanks for the instructions and also thanks for the warnings. 
I have tried and it works. I will move mails manually and carefully.

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