[blfs-support] How Do You Folks Write the LFS/BLFS Books?

Michael Shell list1 at michaelshell.org
Thu Oct 23 17:21:26 PDT 2014

I just wanted to add some kudos - it really is well done. :) 

The *clean* presentation, the consideration of what is really important
and what is not, the additional information and tips some users are really
grateful for (e.g., what certain options and commands do), the table of
contents and hierarchical structuring - it all adds up to one winning

I wish more documentation out there followed such a saner path. When writing
documentation, it is all too easy to either clog the material with too
many details, ignore the bigger picture (because the package author is so
knowledgeable that he cannot understand the mindset of less-than-experts or
see how his part fits into the system as a whole) or to give too shallow a
treatment (because the author did not want to go through the extra effort
needed for a more through write up).

Without the proper documentation, a lot of the work done on a project ends
up being wasted and unappreciated in that many people will not even know
of it and will not be able to use it.

Perhaps in a better world, a good government (which we don't have today)
would periodically give out awards for volunteer efforts such as LFS,
which improved society, but perhaps was not rewarded in the marketplace
- "Here's a couple hundred thousand bucks each to those who made this happen.
   Enjoy!". ;)

  Cheers and thanks,

  Mike Shell

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