[blfs-support] Languages not appearing in KDE-3.14.2

Fernando de Oliveira famobr at yahoo.com.br
Tue Oct 21 03:05:34 PDT 2014

On 20-10-2014 22:31, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> Fernando de Oliveira wrote:

>> I did slightly different, including in the kde/core/config.xml page
>> "Starting KDE", and referring to the kde/add/add-pkgs.xml for build
>> instructions. If you don't like, please tell me, and I will move it
>> there.
>> The reason is that I believe the users want from start a DE in their own
>> languages. Subsequent packages wil then appear localized also, as will
>> he&kde-download-http;&kde-version;/src/kde-l10n/lp texts.
> That's fine.  The only change I'd recommend is to actually display the
> http url and drop the ftp one.
> <ulink url="&kde-download-http;&kde-version;/src/kde-l10n/">
> &kde-download-http;&kde-version;/src/kde-l10n/</ulink>

OK. Will do it later today.

I used like that because it is the form used in kde/add/add-pkgs.xml.
Should I change there, too?


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