[blfs-support] Networking on a laptop - recommendations ?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Oct 7 12:15:39 PDT 2014

Ken Moffat wrote:

>   Just a note to say it is now running LFS-7.6 with a little of BLFS.
> For me (using wpa_supplicant), a static address with wifi is
> pointless - if the wifi hub doesn't accept me, the static address
> doesn't connect to anything.  Yes, I had a few errors along the way,
> mostly because I missed the reference to the bootscripts on the
> wpa_supplicant page and also managed to key in what I thought it
> said rather than what it actually said :-(
>   Working with 'ifup wifi0' at the moment - but I notice that reading
> mail sometimes stalls when going to the next mail in the mbox (not as
> bad as in ubuntu), and I am seeing some lags while typing this
> (again, not as bad as in ubuntu, but then at the moment I do not
> have a desktop, so no desktop daemons and browsers to steal my
> CPU cycles).  On balance, I guess netbooks had limited usefulness.

A static IP address via wifi may be useful at times.  If you want to ssh 
into the system at home, you may want that.  I'd probably create a 
script to connect as static or dynamic as needed.

Reading mail as text is not very demanding for a system. Since you see 
the problem in ubuntu also, I'd say that the network communication is a 
problem.  If you do a wget from a local system, what throughput do you get?

   -- Bruce

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