[blfs-support] vlc - anybody got encoded DVDs to play properly ?

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Tue Jun 17 19:08:57 PDT 2014

 I've been building vlc for years, and I have put up with its
limitations, but now I'm wondering if I should just drop it ?

 For me, the main problem is that it cannot sensibly play encoded
DVDs [ they play in bursts ].  When I first noticed this, my machine
was an old single-processor athlon64 with an IDE DVD drive and PC133
memory.  I assumed it would work better on newer hardware, but my
current machines (SMP, SATA DVD, all from the last 2 years) have the
same problem.  Is there any fix for this ?  I think I've played them
ok in parole, but xine-ui is the easiest option (and to my ears, it
usually sounds better than either vlc or any of the gstreamer

 For local videos, vlc works adequately [ albeit the sound is often
too loud ;-) ]

 Along the way, I added libupnp to my build after I got an audio
streamer for my flac files - while I was trying to get that working,
I had it playing for perhaps 15 minutes : I was trying to sort out
the netfilter settings, and never managed to work out which change
was key to getting it to work again after the netfilter part was
fixed.  After that, it would show the album pictures, and play a
selection for perhaps a whole second before losing it.  I kept it,
in the hope that one day I would find out how to get it working
again.  But in the meantime I've put a lot more music onto my
streamer and recently vlc took some minutes if I tried to use upnp
(apparently working out what was available, and perhaps indexing it)
and then crashed.  The vlc forum has indicated that using vlc as a
upnp player is a lost cause, so I've dropped libupnp.

 Now, I am sorely tempted to just drop vlc from my builds, but I
thought I would ask first (it makes a change from working out what
this week's ffmpeg comands should be, or from trying to build or use
various video editors, and it was thinking about the pulsing audio
from avidemux which reminded me to ask about this *before* I drop vlc
from my builds ;-)

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