[blfs-support] qt-4.8.5 question

lux-integ lux-integ at btconnect.com
Mon Sep 16 01:55:40 PDT 2013


I followed the blfs instructions for installing qt-4.8.5 
( http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/view/svn/x/qt4.html  )

 (in /opt)

I do have the executible /opt/qt/assistant

BUT I have an application  with  mainwindow.cpp    with this line 
#include <QassistantClient> 

and  there is no Qassistant in /opt/qt/include nor equivalent libraries.  
I also did an ./configure --help  in the source tree of qt-4.8.5 and saw no  
mention  of Qassistant.  
  Is Qassistant the same as  the exucutable ~/opt/qt/assistant?  And since my 
application seem to want headers  ( and libraries ) 
 how does one  built qt-4.8.5   to install the  Qassistant libraries and 

thanks in advance.


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