[blfs-support] Compilation presets for Xorg

Thanos Baloukas baloukasthan at sch.gr
Tue Mar 12 07:24:38 PDT 2013

On 03/12/2013 04:13 PM, Carl Thorn wrote:
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> *From:* Niels Terp <nielsterp at comhem.se>
> *To:* BLFS Support List <blfs-support at linuxfromscratch.org>
> *Sent:* Tue, March 12, 2013 8:22:28 AM
> *Subject:* [blfs-support] Compilation presets for Xorg
>  >Hi,
>  >I have started on Xorg - but even with the very first packet I run into
>  >trouble:
>  >The book suggest to create a file /etc/profile.d/xorg.sh with the
> following
>  >command:
>  >cat > /etc/profile.d/xorg.sh << "EOF" &&
>  >XORG_CONFIG="--prefix=$XORG_PREFIX \
>  >            --sysconfdir=/etc \
>  >            --localstatedir=/var \
>   >           --disable-static"
>  >EOF
>  >chmod 644 /etc/profile.d/xorg.sh
>  >First of all, this command does NOT create a file - it does not even
> execute
>  >the chmod command on the last line. I assume that the "&&" after "EOF"
> is a
>  >typo ?
> No this is not a typo it is an instruction. You may want to review UNIX
> commands.
> Read the text before copying and pasting the commands. You are supposed
> to  decide where you want to install XORG before running the commands.
> "<PREFIX>" should be the location where you want to install XORG, either
> in "/usr" or " /opt"
>  >And finaly, when I try to type the configuration command by hand, it
>  >complains about the --disable-static option (and ./configure --help says
>  >that the option doesn't exist).
> You are not installing a package at this point so there is no
> ./configure. You are only setting up the environment for the XORG build.
> You may want to read the text rather than just copying and pasting
> everything.

I think that if /etc/profile.d exists and the command is ran as root,
it should work. As for the variables not added, does /etc/profile have

for script in /etc/profile.d/*.sh ; do
    if [ -r $script ] ; then
    . $script


The scripts in /etc/profile.d must be sourced to have effect. Thats why
their mode is 644. Try . /etc/profile.d/xorg.sh

I recall that I saw warnings too about --disable-static by some xorg
packages which didn't had this option, but that was harmless


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