[blfs-support] Distorted sound in Microphone when using skype !!!!!

Sirsendu Roy xairoy at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 25 03:17:06 PDT 2013

Hello All,

I have a hda-intel sound card in my Toshiba laptop. I have successfully installed alsa-lib, alsa, pulseaudio, all gstreamer plugins from the Blfs instructions. I have installed skype and the speaker volume is working perfect. But I have problem with microphone. 

When I am recording the sound using skype test program, the sound is very distorted. 

After searching in google, I found out that although I have installed pulseaudio, skype is not using pulse audio as in the audio configuration of skype it shows only default audio devices and sound cards, but not pulse audio sound server. 

If I understand properly the reason behind this is that pulseaudio server has not been started, so i wanted to start the pulseaudio, but it gives me the error, cannot start pulse audio. 

So there are two topics, 

First,if we have installed pulseaudio how can i see that the sound devices actually using the pulseaudio and how can I start the pulse audio ?

Secondly,  say for the moment ,that we are only using only alsa and not the pulseaudio, is there any way to change the configuration so that I do not get the distorted sound?

n.B. when I have installed alsa-lib, the configuration files have not been installed in /etc/asound.conf , ~/.asoundrc  as stated in the blfs online book but in /usr/share/alsa. 

Thanks for any help. I am trying since two days to solve the problem without success !!!!

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