[blfs-support] curl question

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 17:34:37 PDT 2013

Richard Coffee wrote:
> I was installing curl 7.32.0 today and ran across something I would
> like to ask about.  In the current BLFS book, as part of the make
> install, there is this line:
> find docs \( -name "Makefile*" -o -name "*.1" -o -name "*.3" \) -exec
> rm {} \; &&
> Now in my old script file for curl 7.25.0 I have this line:
> find docs -name "Makefile*" -o -name "*.1" -o -name "*.3" | xargs rm
> &&
> The lines appear functionally identical.  My question is does anyone
> know why the line was changed?  I'm thinking that it may have just
> been the preference of the editor who updated the version.  Or was
> there another reason?  Some nuance of the line that prompted the
> change?  I'm just curious...

I don't know.  personally I'd do:

find docs -name Makefile\* -o -name \*.1 -o -name \*.3 -delete

   -- Bruce

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