[blfs-support] usb (?hotplug?) problem

akhiezer lfs65 at cruziero.com
Mon Aug 5 08:58:33 PDT 2013

> From: "lux-integ" <lux-integ at btconnect.com>
> Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2013 11:35:15 +0100
> Subject: Re: [blfs-support] usb (?hotplug?) problem
> I am beginning to wonder if devfs (especially the rewritten version in the mid 
> noughties )  should not be dusted off and brought up to 
> date  (Linus are you listening ! ) Other   operating sysems have been using  
> inkernel devfs    just fine .
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devfs#devfs
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/gentoo/user/245713?do=post_view_threaded
> and here is another  interesting development
> http://blog.stuart.shelton.me/archives/891

Some years ago, we here just reverted to large-ish set of 'static' pre-made 
device-files via MAKEDEV &c, along with automounting, and a few other 
old(-ish/mature)-but-works-and-still-relevant methods. It just works.

((But then, we also sat-out all the *kit, grub, gnome, udev, sysvinit, &c&c 
see-sawing: read about them, sure, understood them, sure, but rely on them for 
work? No chance.))

((As for the linux kernel having a sysd-wrapper increasingly slipped around it 
via a cabal of specious, solipsistic, untrustworthy, deceitful, &c&c 'programmers' 
from, interestingly, a rather small and particular geographical spread, ... well, 
I won't get started, and besides one doesn't need to: either Linux will see 
through them and remain worthwhile; or it won't see through them and become 
not-worthwhile. Dead simple.))



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