[blfs-support] usb (?hotplug?) problem

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Sun Aug 4 13:00:48 PDT 2013

On Sun, Aug 04, 2013 at 07:13:42PM +0100, lux-integ wrote:
> On Sunday 04 August 2013 18:14:59 Bruce Dubbs wrote:
> > When you plug in the usb stick, udev should create a device like 
> > /dev/sd?.  Does it do that for you. 
> no
> on plugging a stick 
> IThe console shows a load of messages and  for example /dev/sdc
> but  ls /dev does not show  /dev/sdc(1  etc)
> and 
> /sbin/fdisk /dev/sdc -l
> says no such device or some such
> As I said I noticed the same behaviour using  eudev (fork of systemd ) and 
> systemd.  I have built lfs/clfs  many times but never say this behaviour 
> before.
> I dont know if I failed to install something or its is a kernel problem or a 
> udev/systemd*  problem.  And in another email I mentioned the hanging  and 
> funky behavious on booting  before ther GPU drver is loaded.
> #######
> *on the same machine I have fedora18 ( all gui and pure systemd ) and there   
> trying to unmount a usb stick   sends the maching freezing  everytime!
> ####
> thanks for your sugggestion and   others  fr are welcomed.
 The kernel can see the "drive", but no partitions.  And fdisk
doesn't believe it is there.  To me, that suggests it has some other
form of partition.  I suggest you select all the partition options
in the kernel (including 'Advanced').  If someone sent this to you,
ask them how they created it.  If it is new, I guess whatever
options match current macs might suffice.

 Alternatively, there are a number of different options under
CONFIG_USB_STORAGE for different hardware : again, try enabling them

 You might also want to review the messages the kernel is giving
you, in case anything there identifies the hardware.

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