[blfs-support] System Will Not Mount One of Three Disks

Feuerbacher, Alan AFeuerbacher at ALLEGROMICRO.com
Tue Oct 30 07:58:01 PDT 2012


I have three hard disks on the computer on which I'm installing LFS stuff:

/dev/sda	Has Fedora installed.
/dev/sdb	Has Debian installed.
/dev/sdc	Has LFS installed.

The LFS software works fine -- I have Net connectivity and got Seamonkey installed last night. To boot LFS I have to set the Bios to boot from /dev/sdc and so forth.

However, I want to access the Fedora and Debian filesystems from LFS, and so, in addition to the normal stuff in /etc/fstab, I have these two lines at the very end (I'm writing this from work and can't remember exactly what's in the file):

/dev/sda /fedora ext4 defaults 0 0
/dev/sdb /debian ext3 defaults 0 0

One more complication: On bootup, the system complains that I've exceeded the limit of number of mounts. So I comment out either of the above two lines, and then I don't get the "limit exceeded" message but rather a "limit reached" message.

Anyway, if I keep only the /debian line, it gets mounted properly and I can get to that filesystem. But if I keep only the /fedora line, it does not get mounted and I see a "FAIL" message something like "cannot mount /fedora; does not exist".

I've tried several variations like using "/mnt/fedora" instead "/fedora" with no success.

Can anyone shed light on what's going on?

One more thing: I've found several minor bugs in the BLFS instructions. Where is the proper place to report these bugs?


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