[blfs-support] Firefox-16.0.1 users

Lars Bamberger maillist at herr-der-mails.de
Sat Oct 27 09:07:42 PDT 2012

On 27.10.2012 17:03, alex lupu wrote:
> Hi Bruce:
>> We don't have the resources to update
>> every time a point release comes out.
> Nor that you're expected to or should.
> That was more an expression of surprise (and frustration) on my part.
> True, they sometimes "push" it to something like v.0b6 or so but
> they are already at 17.0b3 (since Oct. 23) so instead of 16.0.2
> they could have waited a few more days and just come up with 17.0

firefox-16.0.2 fixes a Cross-Site-Scripting (XSS) vulnerability. See
http://heise.de/-1737865 (in German) and

I guess the developers feel that fixing security issues is more
important than waiting for new features being developed.


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