[blfs-support] gst-plugins-good-0.10.31 compile problem

John Burrell john_burrell at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 24 13:02:39 PDT 2012

If you get this error when compiling gst-plugins-good-0.10.31

gstv4l2bufferpool.c: In function 'gst_v4l2_buffer_new':
gstv4l2bufferpool.c:185:3: error: 'struct v4l2_buffer' has no member named
'input'Then use this edit from gnome.orgdiff --git a/sys/v4l2/gstv4l2bufferpool.c b/sys/v4l2/gstv4l2bufferpool.c
index 2e3a563..5aaed5a 100644
--- a/sys/v4l2/gstv4l2bufferpool.c
+++ b/sys/v4l2/gstv4l2bufferpool.c
@@ -182,7 +182,6 @@ gst_v4l2_buffer_new (GstV4l2BufferPool * pool, guint index, 
     GST_LOG_OBJECT (pool->v4l2elem, "  MMAP offset:  %u",
   GST_LOG_OBJECT (pool->v4l2elem, "  length:    %u", ret->vbuffer.length);
-  GST_LOG_OBJECT (pool->v4l2elem, "  input:     %u", ret->vbuffer.input);

   ret->mmap_length = ret->vbuffer.length;
   data = (guint8 *) v4l2_mmap (0, ret->vbuffer.length,
Easier as a sed as it's only a single line to remove.



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