[blfs-support] linux kernel wont compile, gcc-4.6.3?

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Mon Oct 1 17:56:11 PDT 2012

On Mon, Oct 01, 2012 at 10:38:22PM +0000, lux integ wrote:
> Thanks for your help, I restarted  and at all times   issued     source.bash_profile     prior to    chroot  entry and this seems to have done the trick.  The kernel now compiles.
> However the  machine will not boot. I get the error 
> fsck.ext3  no such file or directory.    
> I checked and the fsck.XXX  programs  are i installed /sbin   with permissions 755. 
 But what are they linked to ?  This sounds like a case of "no such
file" in the LFS FAQ - i.e. linked to something that isn't there
now (/tools, /cross-tools, or if multilib perhaps a more serious
problem (32/64 overwriting each other).  ldd should tell you.

 Alternatively, perhaps it was trying to tell you that the device it
wanted to fsck could not be found - that would be a udev or kernel
> Regarding the problem, I do not know if   these are related but 
> A) the host is running lilo   which so far has booted all the other pure 64-bit builds I have made AND

 If lilo loads the kernel (i.e. you don't move/recreate the
executable files and forget to rerun lilo, and it's happy that the
root= exists [ that's why I had to move to grub2 - hda7 became sda7
and lilo would not believe the nonexistent sda7 could be valid ],
then it is irrelevant.

> B)  initially udev-182  failed o compile on my first go as kmod-10  was   mysteriously compiled tested but not installed.  This  was fixed.  
> C)  I also noted some errors in the boot script referring to /bin/udevadm  I changed these to   /sbin/udevadm  and some of the boot errors disappeared leaving the  error mentioned above. 

 Udev version changes break bootscripts.  News at 11.

 Even though it is clfs, after you sort out fsck.ext3, if you don't
find serious errors in that and have to start again, try
init=/bin/bash.  Then step through the bootscripts - that is never
fun (r/o root fs when it starts), but the only way to find out what
is broken.

 For errors which show up when you do that, you will have to get
resubscribed to clfs and ask there - general debugging processes are
common, but the details of the bootscripts are "distro-specific".

 And good luck with getting a decent mailer that will let you not
top post!

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