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Subject: Re: [blfs-support] XORG 7.7 libraries

On 30.09.2012 18:01, Carl Thorn wrote:
> [Installing X with XORG_PREFIX=/usr]
> When install XORG libraries xtrans-1.2.7 installs without error. But 
> libX11-1.5.0 fails during configure with this error:checking keysym 
> definitions... configure: error: Cannot find keysymdef.h. How do I locate what 

> is causing the problem and how do I fix it?


the first step is to verify that the file 'keysymdef.h' is actually
installed. It should live in /usr/include/X11 and should have been
installed with xproto-7.0.23. So, first, verify that it is installed
correctly. Instructions for xproto are on the Xorg Protocol Headers page
of the book.


Thanks for responding. Here is a copy of  /usr/include/X11.

carl [ /usr/include/X11 ]$ ls
ap_keysym.h  keysymdef.h  Xatom.h       Xfuncs.h   Xpoll.h       XWDFile.h
DECkeysym.h  keysym.h     Xauth.h       X.h        Xproto.h     Xwindows.h
dri          Sunkeysym.h  Xdefs.h       Xmd.h      Xprotostr.h  Xwinsock.h
extensions   X11          Xdmcp.h       Xosdefs.h  Xthreads.h
fonts        Xalloca.h    XF86keysym.h  Xos.h      Xtrans
HPkeysym.h   Xarch.h      Xfuncproto.h  Xos_r.h    Xw32defs.h

It looks like keysymdef.h is there. 

Fixed it by removing everything that was installed in previous efforts and 
reinstalling. I did find that somehow some of the items were installed in 
/usr/local/include and /usr/local/share. I goofed somewhere along the line.

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