[blfs-support] blfs-support Digest, Vol 2775, Issue 1

Paul Rogers paulgrogers at fastmail.fm
Mon Dec 31 09:32:09 PST 2012

> I guess you don't use kms - kernel modesetting, but maybe you do since
> your Mesa problem was re i915 ? ].

Apparently I must, no framebuffers.  Actually this test machine is i815,
and one of my goals is to have this system run on i686's from Pentium
III up to my Conroe Core-Duo.

> > _XSERVTransMakeAllCOTSServerListeners: failed to open listener
> > for inet6
> >
> This looks like IPv6 is missing in kernel.

It is.  I'm not dealing with IP6 until I have to.  I can stop this with:
alias sx='startx -- -nolisten inet6' 
but that comes a little later.  That's not a worrysome problem now.

> > Kernel command line: root=/dev/hda12  mem=523200K
> Have you tried without mem= parameter on kernel command line? I wasn't
> following thread, I don't really know which hardware do you have.

I'm not sure who inserted that.  It's not in the grub stanza, but I
think grub
did it.

>  Do you need /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?  NB - in xorg.conf.d you probably

Need?  Perhaps not.  Want, though.  I get eye-strain using the sort of
maximum resolutions X thinks is reasonable to present.  Using 800x600
at present. 8-)

> need files for evdev.conf, and perhaps for the keyboard - but I guess
> an american keyboard will probably work out of the box.  And obviously
> for evdev you need CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV in the kernel.

I'm not "up on" evdev or its configuration.  I've gone back to LFS-6.6's
kernel- already, and am going to patch up to 34.13 today, with
extra care going through oldconfig.  I'll make sure to enable it.

I don't really expect that to "fix it", but figure an Official Stable
is a good place to be while there are "issues".

>  Did it shut itself down (i.e. it doesn't work, so yes, you do have a
>  real problem), or did you kill it ?

No, I shut it down from the fluxbox menu.  All I needed to see was if
the MTRR errors were still present at startup and shutdown.  As you
noted this was a common problem with XOrg of this vintage, but one
would think a known resolution would be easier to find documented.

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