[blfs-support] blfs-support (no subject)

Chris Staub chris at beaker67.com
Tue Dec 25 17:50:11 PST 2012

>> Yes, I'd agree with that. Broadly speaking, what I think people want
>> are either specific applications like Firefox which we cover along
>> with the dependencies, or broader packages like Gnome or KDE which we
>> cover as entire sections. In what way is the current system not
>> adequate?
> Isn't the posting by Mr(s) Oda at the head of this thread
> evidence enough?

Not really, no. A single person posting a question doesn't mean much. Do 
you, personally, see an actual problem with the "open BLFS index, search 
for name of package like Firefox, click and go down dependencies" 
approach? I know that's exactly what I did when *I* was a newbie, and it 
worked fine.

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