[blfs-support] Xorg-7.5-3 Errors

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 08:20:31 PST 2012

Paul Rogers wrote:
> I did go download libpciaccess-0.12.0, and uncompressed both 0.12.0 and
> 0.11.0.  I ran a diff on pciaccess.h, the only header in the include
> directory.  My thought was that if that hasn't changed, the calls from
> everything else will still be using the correct structures.  No
> difference.  And that seems to suggest to me that I can just recompile
> libpciaccess alone, without recompiling everything else built after
> that.  Is that an appropriate couse of action?

You can try it.  I'd probably do a diff on the entire package to try to 
analyze what changed.

   -- Bruce

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