error compiling gjs

John Burrell john_burrell at
Sat Sep 17 12:29:44 PDT 2011

> Subject: Re: error compiling gjs
> From: delgarde at
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> Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2011 22:18:29 +1200

> I can't remember if it's the same error, but I had a lot of trouble with
> gjs and js185 when I last tried building Gnome3, a couple of months
> ago.
> Unfortunately, I never got around to investigating properly, thanks to
> hardware failure on my old machine. But Fedora and others now seem to be
> using js185 to build gjs and Gnome Shell, so I'd suggest maybe looking
> at how they do it... their RPN spec files can be found online
> somewhere...

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll pursue that route when I get a moment.
For now I've installed the package from an Arch binary. 
Be interesting to see if it works in my environment.

> Simon.
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