icedtea on amd64

DJ Lucas dj at
Sat Jan 29 06:59:46 PST 2011

On 01/28/2011 05:28 AM, luxInteg wrote:
> Greetings
> I want to have a go at building openjdk using icedtea.
> I notice that a  binary is needed  presumeably   for so-called 'bootstraping'
> and the one available from blfs is for  32-bit pentium cpu's.  I am dabbling
> with 64-bit amdK(8+} cpu's.
> Does anyone  know of a 'bootstrapping' icetea binary for amd64's   OR
> whether such is redundant  and  if so  how to compile icetea without  the
> prebuilt binary.?
> thanks in advance
> luxInteg

I just built and put up binary packages on anduin a couple of days ago 
for both archs. It is possible to build icedtea6 without the binary 
version, but your configure flags will be a lot longer (and you can drop 
the upstream patch). You'll need to simulate a full JDK Home environment 
via symlinks.

FYI, The binaries that are placed on anduin are debug images (IOW, I 
have not stripped in client or server VMs). Currently the book 
does not mention this, but I'll update the book in a few moments anyway, 
and add a note later. Stipped client goes from about ~70MB to 
~4MB on x86 with the 1.8.x (I haven't bothered with 1.9.x). There is no 
client VM in x86_64 (makes a huge difference in size between x86 and 
x86_64). Both contain server, and that too can be stripped with similar 
results. Give me about fifteen minutes, up and rebuild your local copy 
(else it'll be in the book after tonight's render job).

-- DJ Lucas

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