modesettings change

Tobias Gasser lfs at
Wed Jan 19 04:00:21 PST 2011

Dr.-Ing. Edgar Alwers schrieb:
> Hi, 
> little nasty issue: as I have a PC with an Intel processor, I need to configure the kernel with "enable modesettings on intel by default"  ( if not, xorg will not start ). But the result is, that my box changes the text in the console already during the boot process to a minimal font, that I cannot  read. Question: how can I get back my bigger letters ? 

it's even worse here.

as you mentinoned, x now requires kms. on my core2duo with ati graphics
(kms active) i have the behaviour as you mentionned - very small font in
the console.

but with my i3-530 with integrated graphics (module is i915) i have NO

after building the base system, i add 'nomodeset' to the kernel
arguments, thus i can build the basic x-system.

the i remove the 'nomodeset', restart and have to login blind after the
hd stopps blinking, enter 'startx' and voila, everythings fine.
changeing to a console with 'ctrl-alt-f2' works fine - the terminal is
available with very small fonts... (my display is full hd)

i rebuilt the kernel several time with different options - but either i
can't start x, or i have a black on black console. if i start to
runlevel 5 (startxfce4 in inittab), everything's fine - except i can't
see any boot messages.

another possible workaround is starting with nomodeset. after sucessfull
login 'rmmod i915' (which was loaded on startup without kms), and
'insmod i915' gives me the black screen again (as kms now is active
again). now i can type 'startx' blind and everything's fine again.

google didn't help yet, i guess i'll need to spend some more time
searching for a possible solution...


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