Flash Player on 64 bit linux - Firefox

Lars Bamberger maillist at herr-der-mails.de
Wed Jan 5 09:47:55 PST 2011

On 05.01.2011 15:45, Mike Hollis wrote:
>> I am using LFS-6.6 on a 64 bit machine, with KDE-3.5.10 I also compiled firefox. 
>> I downloaded the last flashplayer plugin (libflashplayer.so) ,and the firefox detects it well , when visiting about:plugins. 
>> But the problem is: a blank box appears instead of the needed animation. 
>> Even with Konqueror , it doesn't work . 
>> Should be there any library prerequisties??
>> Is there any way to solve this ? 
>> Or is there another SWF player that could be used instead of flash player. 
>> Thank you 
>  I did a quick look at the book for KDE and firefox dependencies and 
> didn't see that libcurl was listed except as an option for firefox,but
> it is needed for the latest flashplayers.
> --- Mike Hollis ----

I'm using Shockwave-Flash-10.1r10 with firefox-3.6.13 (with GNOME). That
works perfectly here. libcurl does not seem to be a dependency for
libflashplayer.so. (See output of 'ldd libflashplayer.so')

Having a black box instead of some video or animation might be caused by
some firewall/filter that prevents the flash content from being loaded
(like NoScript for example). Try to enable all cookies and JavaScript to

What happens when you right-click on the black box? Does the Flashplayer
context menu appear?

Check the Media tab in the Page-info in firefox (Ctrl-I). Is the flash
animation listed there? Type should be Embed.

Hopefully that will give you some hints...

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