Compiling KDE 4.7.0

Simon Geard delgarde at
Mon Aug 8 03:33:15 PDT 2011

On Sun, 2011-08-07 at 14:38 -0500, Nate Muench wrote:
> As you might have heard, KDE 4.7.0 has been released.  A notable change 
> is that some of the packages (kdeedu, kdegraphics, kdebindings, etc) has 
> been split in to smaller packages.  And some have been renamed.  I'm not 
> sure how I would compile the new packages.

The same way as before, I suppose - the only thing that's changing is
dependencies between packages. And unless someone else has already gone
through and done it, the only way to find that out is by trying them (or
by learning to read the KDE build files for each project).

I'm not being facetious there - that *is* how I've built Gnome in the
past, and it's how I'd build KDE if I were wanting to do so...


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