Libtool search path

Partha Chowdhury parthachowdhury78 at
Wed Aug 3 20:39:29 PDT 2011

On Thu, 2011-08-04 at 00:49 +0800, 高飛 wrote:
> Excuse me. I am trying to build Gnome 3 in /opt/gnome. I've added
> /opt/gnome/usr/lib/pkgconfig to PKG_CONFIG_PATH and /opt/gnome/usr/lib
> to "".
why it is /opt/gnome/usr/lib ? Shouldn't it be /opt/gnome/lib instead ?
What arguments are you passing to configure script ?

>From my personal experience, you are better off using conventional paths
i.e "./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc".I have build
gnome-2.30 two or three times and have found when using anything other
than /usr, you are sure to run into trouble.

> /bin/grep: /usr/lib/ No such file or directory
> /bin/sed: can't read /usr/lib/ No such file or directory
> libtool: link: `/usr/lib/' is not a valid libtool archive

Does making a symbolic link in /usr/lib solves this ?

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