old radeon 7500 card, slow wm

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Sat Sep 11 05:13:04 PDT 2010

On Fri, Sep 10, 2010 at 10:07:26PM +0100, Ken Moffat wrote:
>  All the time.  I don't use midori much, but I use epiphany a lot,
> and it's always unresponsive when loading big or complex pages.  I
> blame webkit (particularly for the lack of any indication that
> anything is happening).  More generally, firefox (well, icecat, but
> same codebase) is unresponsive when I'm compiling.  I first noticed
> that as a general problem with, I think, gcc-4.3.  Mostly it's just
> an annoyance, but sometimes it's very noticeable.

I installed ubuntu a few weeks ago, just to check if there
are similar graphical problems. Well, I didn't test it
too much, but I fired up firefox with a few pages, minimized
and maximized the window, but it was fast. I opened a big
xterm window upon it, and changing between them was fast,
not like in my source based installs (gentoo, lfs). Though
scrolling a page in firefox in ubuntu was quite slow.

I don't really use gtk based apps, just epdfview and midori
for now, but I experience this in epdfview, too, but it's not
so annoying there. pdfs are not so complex as a web page.

I do hope, that it's not my mistake in building the system.

I installed assaultcube (fps game), and it's working fine.
It's so stupid, that I can play game, but can't use 2d windowing :S

As you mentioned gcc, I thought maybe the problem starts with
the compiler. So maybe it's not enough to try and rebuild another 
version of gtk or webkit or xorg with different configuration,
but maybe it needs different gcc version too. 


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