old radeon 7500 card, slow wm

Ken Moffat zarniwhoop at ntlworld.com
Fri Sep 10 14:07:26 PDT 2010

On Fri, Sep 10, 2010 at 10:27:29PM +0200, bendeguz wrote:
> Hi all!
> So, the video card in an old radeon 7500,
> not mobility. 
> I have been experiencing a problem for a very
> long time, if not from the beggining of my
> linux desktop carreer: 
> Here is an example: I have midori oen with
> a web page, with graphics, pictures, etc.
> if I open preferences window the
> content of it is not instanly drawn, but first
> I see a grey square, like an empty form.
> When I close it, the content of the page is
> not instantly drawn back.
> It is the same with a minimized gtk window:
> if I open it up, I get an empty window for a
> moment (like an empty form), and then comes
> the content.
> I don't know how I can still use my desktop
> this way, but it's very disturbing.
> Ken (or anyone), have you experienced similar?
> Regards,
> bendeguz
 All the time.  I don't use midori much, but I use epiphany a lot,
and it's always unresponsive when loading big or complex pages.  I
blame webkit (particularly for the lack of any indication that
anything is happening).  More generally, firefox (well, icecat, but
same codebase) is unresponsive when I'm compiling.  I first noticed
that as a general problem with, I think, gcc-4.3.  Mostly it's just
an annoyance, but sometimes it's very noticeable.

 While I'm writing this (using ssh to my server, so perhaps taking
1% of the available cycles) I'm on my latest attempt to build
icecat-3.6.9.  Twice in that previous paragraph there was a noticeable
lag between typing and seeing the characters appear.

 The more general problem is that we're using old hardware (my 7500
is an AGP card, I think some were PCI, so *old*).  In my case, on
this box with the 7500 I've got a fast disk and what, in it's day,
was a fast athlon64 (2.4GHz).

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