modprobe.conf question

luxInteg lux-integ at
Fri Sep 10 12:19:34 PDT 2010


in attempting to debug   lack-of-sound problems on a cblfs machine I have   I  
came across this:-
( Then add the names of your sound card modules to: 
File: /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.conf (prior to module-init-tools 3.8, use 
/etc/modprobe.conf) )

I then duly noticed there was no /etc/modprobe.d/xxx  nor /etc/modprobe.conf 
on  the machine. I thus recompiled/re-installed module-init-tools-3.11.1 with 
the switch --sysconfdir=/etc  but it made no difference  
though there is a modprobe.conf (in sgml) in the build tree  

Is there a lfs/clfs  modprobe.conf file  or should one just make one up?

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